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Environment and Development Economics

Essays in Honour of Sir Partha Dasgupta

Edited by Scott Barrett, Karl-Goran Maler, and Eric S. Maskin

  • An introduction to the work of Partha Dasgupta, one of the leading economists of his generation
  • Includes three foundational chapters each written by a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics: Joseph E. Stiglitz, Kenneth Arrow, and the Late Elinor Ostrom
  • Includes eight further chapters authored or co-authored by a developing country economist
  • Includes Commentaries on each chapter
  • An essential reference in environment and development economics



I. Introduction and Overview 
1. Partha Dasgupta's Contributions to Environment and Development Economics, Scott Barrett, Karl-Goran Maler, and Eric Maskin
II. Foundations 
2. Learning, Growth and Development: A Lecture in Honor of Sir Partha Dasgupta, Joseph E. Stiglitz
3. Some Perspectives on Linked Ecosystems and Socio-Economic Systems, Kenneth J. Arrow, Paul Ehrlich, and Simon Levin
4. An Institutional Analysis of Development Cooperation, Elinor Ostrom, Clark Gibson, Sujal Shivakumar, and Krister Andersson
III. Applications 
5. Climate Change, Cook Stoves, and Coughs and Colds: Thinking Global and Acting Local in Rural Nepal, Krishna Prasad Pant, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, and Min Bikram Malla
6. Comments by Joseph E. Stiglitz on Climate Change, Cook Stoves, and Coughs and Colds,Joseph E. Stiglitz
7. Red Wells or Green Wells and Does it Matter? Examining Household Use of Arsenic Contaminated Water in Bangladesh, A.K.E. Haque, Z.H. Khan, M. Nepal, and Priya Shyamsundar
8. Comments by David Starrett on Red Wells or Green Wells, David Starrett
9. Forest Degradation in the Himalayas: Determinants and Policy Options, Jean-Marie Baland, Sanghamitra Das, and Dilip Mookerjee
10. Comments by Geoffrey Heal on Forest Degradation in the Himalayas, Geoffrey Heal
11. An Optimal Contract for Monitoring Illegal Exploitation of Co-Managed Forests in Benin,Albert N. Honlonkou and Rashid Hassan
12. Comments by Eric Maskin on An Optimal Contract, Eric Maskin
13. Why Cooperation is Better: The Gains to Cooperative Management of the Argentine Shortfin Squid Fishery in South America, Sebastian Villasante, Rashid Sumaila and Manel Antelo
14. Comments by Peter Hammond on Why Cooperation is Better, Peter Hammond
15. Occupational and Environmental Health Impacts from Mining in Orissa, India, Karnjana Sanglimsuwam, Erin O. Sills, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Shubhayu Saha, Ashok Singha, and Barendra Sahoo
16. Comments by Robert Solow on Occupational and Environmental Health Impacts, Robert Solow
17. Estimating the Value of Statistical Life for Children in Metro Manila, Rosalina Palanca-Tan
18. Comments by Shanta Devarajan on Estimating the Value of Statistical Life, Shanta Devarajan
IV. The Poverty-Environment-Population Nexus in India 
19. Natural Resources and Chronic Poverty in India: Interface and Policy Imperatives, Amita Shah
20. Comments by Kanchan Chopra on Natural Resources and Chronic Poverty, Kanchan Chopra